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There’s a steep learning curve when it comes to self-publishing, and It’s tough to figure it all out when you’re juggling a job or two to support your book publication. And as you’ve probably already seen, there are some vanity publishers who will charge upwards of $5K for publishing your book, leaving you very little room for profit.

At the same time, traditional publishing is a long shot, and it means waiting around for a publisher to accept your manuscript, then another year and a half to get it in the hands of your readers.

You’ve done the hard part in writing your book and the publishing process shouldn’t be this difficult, right? Successful authors understand they need the support of talented editors, graphic designers, and publishing experts to reach their goal.


That’s why Writer’s Tablet offers self-publishing assistance to edit your work, design your cover, and professionally publish your book at a price that won’t break the bank.

Writer’s Tablet provides a range of self-publishing assistance services for authors. Our meticulous staff will polish your words and help your writing shine.

The Launch Package


  • Cover DesignThere's a science to designing a book cover. We will ensure your book stands out and grabs your ideal readers’ attention.

  • Author BiographyOne or two carefully crafted paragraphs about you, your credentials and hobbies, and other information you wish to share with your readers.

  • Book Blurb A short, catchy description featured on the book’s interior or back cover, ensuring your book gets noticed. You can use this for promotional purposes as well.

  • Professionally Typeset/Formatted BookFormat your text with professional, attractive interior pages, including graphic elements. (There may be an additional charge to format images.)

  • Publication to Amazon Printed copies of your book will be available to purchase on Amazon

  • One Draft Copy of your BookWe leave nothing to chance. Hold your book in your hands and proof the final document before releasing.

The Rise



The Launch Package Plus:

  • Five Copies of your Final BookSell these copies or give them away.

  • Kindle Digital PublishingYour manuscript will be beautifully formatted and available on Kindle, the largest platform for digital readers. Includes live URLs and a clickable table of contents.

  • Copyright Your book will be registered with the U.S. Copyright Office. You will receive a certificate in 12-16 weeks, stating you are the rightful owner of this text.

  • Writing Consultation Two 45-minute meetings with your project manager to discuss the project.

  • Manuscript ReviewWe review your writing and critique your manuscript, paying special attention to marketability.

  • Identification of Writing Strengths and WeaknessesLearn where your writing shines and areas for improvement. 

  • Developmental Edits This is the most intensive form of editing. We will evaluate the document and identify structural, organization, coherence, and consistency problems

  • Professionally Edited ManuscriptYour editor will polish your words and correct grammar, style, and language issues.

  • Back-office TrainingWe will train you on managing your KDP account, from ordering author copies to tracking sales and scheduling campaigns.

The Soar



​The Rise Package Plus:

  • Eye-catching Book Announcement FlyerWe will design a custom digital or print flyer announcing your book release.

  • Custom Banner DesignWe will create a table banner to display during your book launch and signings. (Does not include printing.)

  • Custom Postcards or BookmarksAdvertise your book with branded cards to distribute during book signings and conferences. (Does not include printing.)

With Writer’s Tablet, what you see is what you get. There are no hidden fees or confusing contracts that interfere with your ability to earn royalties. Plus, we offer flexible service options for a range of budgets. If you’re not quite ready to invest in our affordable self-publishing assistance packages, consider our individual service offers:

  • Editing

  • Proofing

  • Cover Design

  • Interior Formatting (Typesetting Text & Images)

  • KDP Account Set-up

  • Copyright Registration

Need an easier way to get started? Contact us to discuss which service options are best for you.

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